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Charles Russell Orcutt (1864-1929)

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Creation of a Museum

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drawing of Echinocactus orcuttii
Drawing of
Echinocactus orcuttii

List of Journal Titles

Alegria (1905)*
American Botanist, The (1898)*
American Plants (1907)*
Art and Nature
Botany of San Diego (1900)*
Botany of Southern California (1901)*
Cacti Illustrated (1892)*
Cactography: All About Cacti (1906)*
California Art and Nature (1901)*
California Botanical Gardens (1903)*
California Flowers*
California Gardens (1906)*
California Trees and Flowers (1891)*
California (see Semi-Tropical Planter)
Collectors Illustrated Magazine
Flora of Southern and Lower California (1885)*
For San Diego (1907)*
Fruits All the Year Round *
Natural History Series
Golden Hints (1907)*
Golden Hints of California (1891)*
Great Southwest, The (1889)*
Hoosier Naturalist
Horticulturist, The (1889)*
International Seedsman and Plantsman (1895)*
Jamaica Naturalist (1927)*
Magazine San Diego (1914)*
Manzanita (1889)*
Mexican Magazine (1910)*
Mineral Kingdom (1899)*
Mollusca- leaflet (1900)*
Museum for Schools-leaflet
National, The (1903)*
Orcutt's Mexico (1913)*
Orcutt (1897)*
Orange Blossom (1891)*
Outdoors for Women*^
Review of Cactacae (1897)*
Riverside Orange (1891)
San Diego Magazine, The (1888)*
Science and Horticulture (1891)*
Semi-Tropical Planter (1890)*
Southwest News (1892)*
Texas Garden, The (1909)*
West American (1906)*
West American Scientist, The*`
West American Medical Review*`
West American Museum of Art and Nature
West American Museum Bulletin*
West American Mollusca (1900)*
Young Men's Journal, The (1887)*

Journal titles marked with an asterisk can be found in the Research Library of the San Diego Natural History Museum

*^ Editor- Olive Eddy Orcutt (1893)
*` Editor- Charles Russell Orcutt (1884)
*` Editor- Charles Russell Orcutt (1891)