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Katherine "Kate" Stephens (c. 1853-1954)

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Diary Excerpt, 1902

1923 Annual Report
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Work completed by Kate Stephens (partial list)

1907—Took part in a University of California expedition to Alaska

1910—August, cataloged mammal collections of husband, Frank Stephens.

1923—October, finished complete overhaul of Museum's large collection of shells.

1924-1928—worked on fossil shells of San Diego County in connection with paleontological study conducted by the Society with U.S. Grant IV and Frank Stephens. (Frank Stephens, "Notes on the Marine Pleistocene Deposits of San Diego County, California," Transactions of the San Diego Society of Natural History, Vol. V, No. 16, 5 August 1929, 245-256).

1925—May, prepared exhibit of Chaney collection of very small shells collected near San Diego.

1925—June, prepared sponge exhibit with local specimen.

1925—December, rearranged gorgonian "Sea Fan" exhibit.

1927—February, relabeled collections to correspond with the new nomenclature.

1928—summer, prepared exhibit on ammonites or fossil shells of the chambered nautilus group.