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San Diego Society of Natural History 1926 Annual Report

Report of the Curator of Mollusks and Marine Invertebrates
By Mrs. Kate Stephens

The Department of Mollusks and Marine Invertebrates is in satisfactory condition. Much work has been done in identifying, mounting and labeling the Eocene and other fossils. Several hundred sets of these fossils have been placed in order and catalogued and are now available for study.

An earnest class of students of shells meets every Friday in my room, and another class meets at intervals. Many visitors bring shells for identification.

Dr. Fred Baker has given to the Society about 150 species of Hawaiian shells, most of which are new to the Society's collections. Several small donations from others have been received from time to time. As heretofore I would urge the collecting of Lower California marine fauna. This would coordinate with the Society's already large collections from California and would make our collections compare with the best on the east coast. A small collection of shells picked up last spring on the Gulf of California at San Felipe by Mr. Abbott and Mrs. May Canfield gives an indication of the rich field that can be worked there.

A rare crab (Uca monolifera) from the Gulf of California, donated by Griffing Bancroft, was new to the Society's collection.

A.W. Galloway has taken up the task of collecting isopods for the Society and we have hopes of great help from him.

A noteworthy happening this year is the finding for the first time of fresh water crawfish in San Diego County. A specimen taken August 13 in a pool in the Escondido River at Escondido was given to the Society by Frank Gander, of the O'Rourke Zoological Institute. Another specimen of the same species, donated by Philip C. Barney, was found by him on September 26 in the head of Spooks Canyon, about five miles from Rancho Santa Fe. I have not yet identified the specimens, but Dr. Myrtle Johnson, of the San Diego State College, and Samuel Harter, of our own Society, have donated material for comparison toward that end.