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San Diego Society of Natural History 1924 Annual Report

Report of the Curator of Mollusks and Marine Invertebrates
By Mrs. Kate Stephens

The year has on the whole been progressive. Much time has been given to routine work. Some cases in the exhibition hall have been renovated, some rebuilt, and one new case of corals has been installed. The public has shown an increasing interest in the exhibits and in the study of sea life, as compared with past years. About 300 shells were identified for one visitor from the east, and about 200 for another; and a number of other persons have had shells identified and instruction given them.

The Society has received several donations—two or three of considerable interest. One of them, a donation from C.A. Pinkham, of Los Angeles, is a collection of remarkably fine fossils from Coyote Mountain, including several specimens that are new to our collection, in addition to those not yet identified. A few shells were received from the estate of the late Orestes St. John, and a collection of interesting shells, chiefly foreign and new to the Society, from the late Dr. J.P. Iddings. Mr. and Mrs. F.D. Cleveland, of Altadena, through whose kindness these shells were given, also donated a collection of corals. These are not yet installed.

The chief work of this department, however, has been the commencement of a systematic study of the paleontology of San Diego County. This promises to be very instructive, but has not as yet progressed far enough to give definite results. Hitherto little work has been done in this field since the early days of Cooper, Stanton, Fairbanks and others. If possible, this work should be extended into Lower California in the coming year.