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Klauber Papers Published by SDNHM

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Occasional Papers

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1. KLAUBER: A statistical study of the rattlesnakes. 1936. $5.00
3. KLAUBER: A statistical study of the rattlesnakes. IV., The growth of the rattlesnake. 1937. $5.00
4. KLAUBER: A statistical study of the rattlesnakes. V., Head dimensions. 1938. $5.00
5. KLAUBER: A statistical study of the rattlesnakes. VI., Fangs. 1939. $5.00
6. KLAUBER: A statistcal study of the rattlesnakes. VII., The rattle, Part 1. 1940. $5.00

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5:11 The Trimorphodon (Lyre Snake) of California with notes on the species of the adjacent areas. 1928. pp. 183-194. $5.00
6:3 New and renamed subspecies of Crotalus confluentus Say, with remarks on related species. 1930. pp. 95-144. O.P.
6:20 A new subspecies of the California Boa, with notes on the genus Lichanura. 1931. pp. 305-318. $5.00
6:23 Notes on the worm snakes of the southwest, with descriptions of two new subspecies. 1931. pp. 333-352. O.P.
6:24 Crotalus tigris and Crotalus enyo, two little known rattlesnakes of the southwest. 1931. pp. 353-370. O.P.
7:1 A new species of Xantusia from Arizona, with a synopsis of the genus. 1931. pp. 1-16. O.P.
8:13 A new subspecies of Crotalus confluentus, the Prairie Rattlesnake. 1935. pp. 75-90. O.P.
8:19 Crotalus mitchellii, the Speckled Rattlesnake. 1936. pp. 149-184. O.P.
8:20 A key to the rattlesnakes with summary of characteristics. 1936. pp. 185-276. O.P.
8:27 A new snake of the genus Sonora from Mexico. 1937. pp. 363-366. O.P.
9:14 Three new worm snakes of the genus Leptotyphlops. 1939. pp. 59-66. O.P.
9:14a A new subspecies of the Western Worm Snake. 1939. pp. 67-68. $5.00
9:18 The worm snakes of the genus Leptotyphlops in the United States and Northern Mexico. 1940. pp. 87-162. O.P.
9:19 The lyre snakes (genus Trimorphodon) of the United States. 1940. pp. 163-194. O.P.
9:20 Two new subspecies of Phyllorhynchus, the leaf-nosed snake, with notes on the genus. 1940. pp 195-214. O.P.
9:29 The long-nosed snakes of the genus Rhinocheilus. 1941. pp. 289- 332. O.P.
9:30 A new species of rattlesnake from Venezuela. 1941. pp. 333-336. O.P.
10:4 A new snake of the genus Sonora from Lower California, Mexico.1943. pp. 69-70. O.P.
10:5 A desert subspecies of the snake Tantilla eiseni. 1943. pp. 71-74. $5.00
10:6 The Coral King Snakes of the Pacific Coast. 1943. pp. 75-82. O.P.
10:7 The subspecies of the Rubber Snake, Charina. 1943. pp. 83-90. O.P.
10:8 The Sidewinder, Crotalus cerastes, with descriptions of a new subspecies. 1944. pp. 91-126. O.P.
10:11 The gecko of the genus Coleonyx with descriptions of new subspecies. 1945. pp. 133-216. O.P.
10:17 The Glossy Snake, Arizona, with descriptions of new subspecies. 1946. pp. 31 1-398. O.P.
11:1 The gopher snakes of Baja California, with descriptions of new subspecies of Pituophis catenifer. 1946. pp. 1-40. O.P.
11:2 A new gopher snake (Pituophis) from Santa Cruz Island, California. 1946. pp. 41-48. O.P.
11:5 The relationship of Crotalus ruber and Crotalus lucasensis. 1949. pp. 57-60. $5.00
11:6 Some new and revised subspecies of rattlesnakes. 1949. pp. 61-116. $7.00
11:8 The subspecies of the Ridge-nosed Rattlesnake, Crotalus willardi. 1949. pp. 121-140. $5.00
11:9 The Shovel-nosed Snake, Chionactis, with descriptions of two new subspecies. 1951. pp. 141-204. $7.00
13:5 A new insular subspecies of the Speckled Rattlesnake. 1963. pp. 73-80. $5.00
  O.P. = Out of print.