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Journal Entries

Throughout his life, Laurence Klauber kept detailed journals of his activities. These, perhaps more than his 198 ring binders of research notes, document what it means to devote oneself to the avocation of the study of nature. The selections presented on the following pages give a glimpse of his experiences, his collecting, his acquaintances, and his research.

Sunday, March 14, 1926—"Went to Viejas on a large family picnic... No dead snakes seen in the road."

Saturday, February 4, 1928—"Heard many Hylas at Coronado."

Sunday, March 25, 1928—"A cold windy day especially this side of San day for lizards or snakes."

Monday, May 7, 1928—"White footed mouse ran out of bush with snake [a red racer] after it..."

Sunday, August 19, 1928—"Went to Coronado Islands today..."

Sunday, July 21, 1929—"Noted for the first time that the Cedros Island specimens are different from other C. exsul ..."

Friday, March 7, 1930—"Two D.O.R. snakes were noted -- a large gopher being eaten by a buzzard at north end new Bonsall bridge and ..."

Friday, May 16, 1930—"Tonight I heard the call of Bufo cognatus from specimens in my basement ..."

Thursday, January 1, 1931—"...studied rattles and got a good idea of the method of production ..."

Tuesday, March 14, 1933—"Today saw a snake-bite case at the County Hospital."

Friday, April 14, 1933—A trip to Laguna Hanson, Baja California.

Friday, May 5, 1933—"Today outfitted Tony Green for his proposed six-weeks trip into Lower California with Tom Ballantyne."

Monday, October 2, 1933—"Tonight attended the organization meeting of the San Diego Reptile Club."

Saturday, March 17, 1934—"...started working over 'head length' section of the rattle paper..."

Sunday, September 23, 1934—"Went out to the Brookfield Zoo [in Chicago]..."

Sunday, May 19, 1940—"In some way which I will never understand he got enough of his head loose to bite me on the inner side of the right thumb above the upper joint...Started to drive on and then went back...and collected the snake."

Saturday, June 1, 1940—"Arm still bad. Bothered me a good deal last night. It tires very easily and when it is tired is quite painful. Otherwise there is no longer any apparent effect from the bite."

Saturday, June 14, 1941—"...Spent the morning at UCLA checking a few specimens."

Monday, June 8, 1942—"Arrived at Washington at 8:40... Visted Dr. Stejneger for an hour or more and discussed the possibility of Cope's Chilomeniscus ephippicus coming from California."

Monday, March 1, 1943—"The tail-length paper is finished..."

Friday, January 7, 1944—"Drove to Los Angeles this morning to attend an Army-Navy Conference at the Ambassador Hotel."

Tuesday, August 14, 1945—"Peace at 4:01 this afternoon."

Friday, August 17, 1946—"...Its' been a tough week..."

Saturday, August 30, 1947—"Worked on the copying of the portable bibliography and other misc. work."

Saturday, June 12, 1948—"...In the afternoon, having made the decision after coinsiderable thought and regret, I put aside Section 7 on habits..."

Thursday, January 1, 1953—"Started off the New Year by writing up the section of the snake-bite chapter on the duration of snake-bite cases..."

Saturday, January 17, 1953—"Richard Etheridge, stationed here in the navy, called and we talked herps..."

Thursday, December 31, 1953—"This was my last day as Chairman of the Board and Chief executive officer of the San Diego Gas and Electric Co...I hope to get along faster now with my herpetological projects, especially the completion of the rattlesnake book."

We are grateful to Linda West, for her work and enthusiasm in transcribing these passages.