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Taxa Named for Laurence M. Klauber

The contributions of Laurence M. Klauber to the study of herpetology have been recognized by the naming of the following taxa, which include one genus, in his honor. They are:


Sauromalus klauberi Shaw (1941) (now S. ater klauberi)

Uta stansburiana klauberi Lowe and Norris (1955)

Chionactis occipitalis klauberi Stickel (1941), the Tucson Shovel-Nosed Snake

Sonora occipitalis klauberi Stickel (1941) (S. o. klauberi is now Chionactis occipitalis klauberi, listed above)

Hypsiglena ochrorhynchus klauberi W. Tanner (1944) (H. o. klauberi is now H. torquata klauberi, and is called the San Diego Night Snake)

Salvadora hexalepis klauberi Bogert (1945)

Klauberina riversiana, the Island Night Lizard

Sphaerodactylus klauberi -- Grant, Chapman 1931. The Spaherodactylus of Porto Rico, Culebra and Mona Islands. Jour. Dept. Agri. Porto Rico, vol. 15, no. 3, pp. 199-213, 5 pls.

Crotalus lepidus klauberi, the Banded Rock Rattlesnake (named by Gloyd in 1936)

Ensatina eschscholtzi klauberi, the Large-blotched Salamander

Taricha torosa klauberi has been included in T. torosa torosa, the Coast Range Newt

Phyllorhynchus browni klauberi

Compiled by Sally Y. Shelton when SDNHM curator of collections.
Updated February 2000 with thanks to Jose G. Rodriguez-Ramirez, PhD., Department of Biology, University of Puerto Rico at Ponce