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Trip to Trinidad Whaling Station, July-August 1926

The Whales

The Trinidad whaling station operated from 1920 to 1926. During the year of this expedition, 1926, the station recorded catches of 21 Humpback, 70 Finback, 25 Sei, one Sperm, and one Gray Whale (in 1924, there was one Blue Whale catch). During his visit Huey observed only the one Gray and several Finbacks. These two species vary in size, feeding and diving habits, and migratory patterns.

SpeciesLength (m)Weight (tons) MigrationHabits
Finback18-2230-80Irregular or nonmigratory
  • Found worldwide
  • Prefers offshore areas
  • Longer and deeper dives than Gray
Gray12-1415-35 Summer in Arctic; eastern Pacific Grays spend Winter around Baja California
  • Mostly eastern Pacific, with a very few in western Pacific
  • Prefers shallow waters
  • Bottom-feeder

Finback Whale (Illustration Credit)

Gray Whale (Illustration Credit)