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Trip to Trinidad Whaling Station, July-August 1926

The Final Day at Sea
July 31

Low thick fog enveloped the whole country early this morning but we put to sea nevertheless, blowing a warning fog whistle every minute. Capt. Lane showed me where he had taken the Calif. Gray Whale several days ago – and indeed it was a dangerous place to work. He had but 16 feet of water & the Hercules draws 13 – when he shot the animal.. In fact it was but a few hundred feet offshore & the high water lies just back of the beach. He told me that many autos stopped to see the play. We came onto a lone Finback about 10 o’clock this morning & worked on it 3 hours without results. In fact the wind had risen so strongly that we had to give it up on account of rough water. I timed many dives & found them to nearly all range from 8 to 11 minutes. The animal was feeding & was within an area of 1 square mile the whole time. Put back to Trinidad where we arrived about 4:30. I quit the ship – for good this time as I have wasted a whole week.