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Trip to Trinidad Whaling Station, July-August 1926

Choppy Seas & No Whales
July 30

Capt. Lane & his daughter came to the dock at 4:15 a.m. & we all went aboard. The sea was oily smooth & by sunrise we were well off shore.

Wind came up about 10 a.m. & caused a heavy chop – took northward course paralleling the coast at about 40 miles offshore, saw few Black-footed Albatrosses but not nearly as abundant as yesterday. Traveled all day & didn’t see a “blow”. In late afternoon the sea was running high with decks awash, so put into Crescent City for the night.

Black-footed Albatross on a Rough Sea
huey albatross photo

Near the small inlets that mark the entrance to the harbor many Murres were seen with their single half-grown young.

As we entered the harbor two black Oystercatchers were seen.