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Trip to Trinidad Whaling Station, July-August 1926

"Truly the Place Smells Vile"
July 18

Our traps held a good catch this morning & included Neosorex, Sorex p. pacificus, Neurotrichus, Sorex m. humboldtanus and Zapus.

Neosorex: Pacific Water Shrew Zapus trinotatus: Pacific Jumping Mouse
© 2005 William Leonard
pacific water shrew photo pacific jumping mouse photo

Much aplodontia sign was seen & plans were made to set for them later.

Saw a Varied Thrush this a.m., was in dense woods near rill.

First Finback whale captured during our stay was brought in this morning. The beast was 53 feet long & the estimated weight was 53 tons. The whalers figure, whales in good condition over 35 feet in length, to weigh a ton per foot in length.

We were not down in time to see the animal hauled in nor the first sheet of blubber taken off.

Many visitors were present & most of the women were holding their noses with their handkerchiefs, as truly the place smells vile.

The traps were not reset tonight.