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Laurence Markham Huey (1892 - 1963)

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A writer with a crisp, accessible style, L.M. Huey published many reports and articles on birds and mammal species in the scientific and non-scientific press. He published scientific notes and papers mainly in the museum journal Transactions, the ornithological journal Condor, and the Journal of Mammalogy. His articles for the popular press included anecdotes from his collecting trips, species observations, and responses to public queries.

Following is a sample list of papers, culled from a two-volume "Collected Papers of L.M. Huey 1913-1964," held at the SDNHM Library. The bibliography is organized by topic (Guadalupe Island) and by genre (scientific or popular press).

• Guadalupe Island - collected papers on the topic
• Sampling of scientific publications - on birds, bats, gophers, rats, primarily in San Diego, Southern California, Lower (Baja) California, Arizona.
• Articles for the popular press

Recent work and more information on Guadalupe Island is available at the Binational Multidisciplinary Expedition 2000 to Isla Guadalupe.
More information about elephant seals is available at the Ocean Oasis Field Guide.

Guadalupe Island: seals and conservation

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1930 Digging their Graves with their Teeth. How the Goats introduced by Whalers on Guadalupe Island are eating their way toward extermination. [Popular account of conditions on Island] Touring Topics, 22:6: June, 1930, p. 30.