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Laurence Markham Huey (1892 - 1963)

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Field Notes

Huey and Aunt with truck

Huey went on many collecting trips, often accompanied by his aunt Mrs. May Canfield. (photo right)

The SDNHM Library Archives hold original field notes (1916–1947), as well as various transcriptions (1916–1939), and accompanying photographs.

Huey recorded observations of bird and animal behavior, notes about their populations, and details about the efforts of the collectors. In his notes from April and May 1924 trips to the Coronado Islands, he writes that the Farallon Cormorants are in danger from attacks by gulls triggered by "pleasure parties" visiting the islands, that he cannot locate any auklet nests, that he has found eggs that "constitute the first breeding record" of California Great Blue Herons on the islands. He also writes about being caught in a rainstorm, getting seasick from the boat, and meeting a "movie outfit" on the beach.

Trip to the Coronado Islands, 1924

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