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Trips to the Coronado Islands, April and May 1924

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About the Photos

The photographic images in the Gallery were obtained from photo albums in the SDNHM Library Archives. The original prints were black and white, but many have faded with age and are now sepia-toned. Scanning was done at 300 ppi and the images saved as TIFFs for storage and JPEGs for Web use. The digital images were adjusted for clarity and hue in Adobe Photoshop (Levels, Hue & Saturation, and sometimes Unsharp Mask). In most cases, the current appearance of the photo was used as a guide, though some license was taken for the sake of clarity, consistency and effect. Final variance in the color of the images is largely due to varying degrees of damage and aging.

The captions used are typed captions found in the albums. The writer of the captions has not been identified. There was a small mistake in one caption, where sea lions were identified as seals (the original caption reads "Seals photographed...").