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Trips to the Coronado Islands, April and May 1924

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Who’s Who - April & May 1924

Jose M. Gallegos was "one of [the Mexican government’s] leading scientists" from the National Museum, Mexico City (San Diego Union, April 20, 1924). The April trip to the Coronado Islands was the first official trip with the San Diego Natural History Museum; however Prof. Gallegos had made trips with Mr. Huey prior to this. Gallegos died tragically the next year, while studying a locust plague in southern Mexico (San Diego Union Oct 2, 1925).

Records of many of Gallegos’ trips in association with the San Diego Natural History Museum are held in the SDNHM Library, in the form of L.M. Huey’s field notes and photographs. The Library also holds a copy of Prof. Gallegos’ report on trips to Sierra San Pedro Martir and Guadalupe Island with L.M. Huey in June and July 1923. The report is typewritten, in Spanish, and illustrated with Huey’s photographs, hand-annotated by Gallegos.

Ralph Hoffman was director of the Museum of Natural History in Santa Barbara, California.

Carroll DeWilton Scott was Director of Education at the San Diego Natural History Museum (Engstrand & Bullard, 1999, pp. 66-68, 78)

"Mr. Sefton" was probably Joseph W. Sefton Jr., banker and SDNHM President from 1922 to 1951.

A.J. Van Rossem was an "internationally-known ornithologist" from the California Institute of Technology, "one of the world’s leading authorities on the birds of Mexico and Central America." (San Diego Union Feb 14, 1935, Evening Tribune Feb 14, 1935). He had a longstanding association with Huey and the San Diego Natural History Museum, and in 1935, he moved from the department of vertebrate zoology at Caltech to the SDNHM.

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