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Trips to the Coronado Islands, April and May 1924

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About the Notes (Technical Information)

The text of these notes was obtained mainly through scanning and OCR (Microsoft Document Imaging tool, Grayscale, 300 ppi) of an unedited transcription of Huey's original field notes, made by Rosemary Fiebig from 1987-1989.

Page from field notesGaps in the unedited text were supplemented by text from an edited transcription, made earlier, perhaps by Mr. Huey or an assistant. (These portions include the first two paragraphs of April 19, 1924; a few sentences at the end of May 28, 1924; the entry for May 29, 1924).

The text follows the original notes as closely as possible (click image at left to see a larger picture of the notes), with punctuation, capitalization and abbreviations preserved, based on the unedited transcription (which may contain minor errors in these respects); certain editorial changes, based on the edited transcription, are noted in [ ]. Paragraphing follows the original notes, except for the entry of May 29, 1924.

Source List
Original (SDNHM Library Archive Box 310) and photocopies of handwritten field notes (SDNHM Library QH 105 C2 H5 v.II).
Unedited transcription of field notes by Rosemary Fiebig, 1987-1989. Electronic typewriter. (SDNHM Library QH 105 C2 H5 v.II)
Edited transcription, editor/transcriber unknown, date pre-1960s? Typewriter. Original and carbon copy available (SDNHM Library Archive Box 309. See also Box 300)