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Prior to December 1937
In 1936 the State of California had placed firm restrictions against the killing or capture of sea lions, as well as most other marine mammals, along its coast. Mexico had passed similar laws concerning the critically endangered elephant seal in its waters. Mexico, though, was not as stringent when it came to conservancy issues regarding sea lions.

Sea lions frolicking off Guadalupe Beach, April 1924 .
Sea lions frolicking off Guadalupe Beach,
April 1924
The Dr. Ross Dog and Cat Food Company from Los Alamitos, California, had begun to take advantage of the poor protection afforded these animals in Mexico during 1937. Becoming a target for conservationists because of their whale calf hunting and vehement opposition to California’s protection of marine mammals, the company had fallen into receivership and turned to Mexican waters after having their request to hunt off California denied.