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Sea Lion Devastation
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The majority of the reference material for this article is drawn from Box 186 in the San Diego Natural History Museum’s research library’s archives. This box includes correspondence from Clinton G. Abbott, the Californian and Mexican governments, and Abbott’s contacts, numerous newspaper clippings from the time concerning the issue of “Sea Lion Slaughter,” as well as rough drafts of the resulting article.

As another postscript, the Ross Company was left reeling by Abbott and other conservancy efforts to stop their hunting. Already in receivership in 1937 after their whaling rights were revoked, Abbott’s campaign put a further dent into their profits. By 1944, they declared bankruptcy.

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All photographs used, unless otherwise noted, have been taken from the San Diego Natural History Museum’s website. Scanning was done at 600 ppi and the images saved as TIFFs for storage and JPEGs for Web use.