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San Diego Natural History Museum Field Notes

Field Notes is the San Diego Natural History Museum magazine designed exclusively for members and donors of the Museum. Field Notes is published three times a year and showcases Museum research, exhibitions, public programs, news, and events.

Latest issue of Field Notes:

• Field Notes, May 2011
San Diego Natural History Museum Field Notes Issue 2, Volume 2, May 2011

Pages from the Past

In this photo from 1925, Laurence Huey, former Curator of Birds and Mammals, is seen searching for cactus wren nests in a cardon in Baja California near Canyon San Juan de Dios. Huey went on many collecting excursions for the Museum from 1916 till his retirement in 1961, and kept extensive field notes. In regard to this particular trip, he noted at the end of the day, “Feeling somewhat exhausted I looked at my watch and discovered I had been going up the canyon for over five hours carrying the now heavy ladder.” He also remarked with characteristic understatement that “tramps of this sort go rather hard on participants...with the only available supply of water 20 miles away and only two canteens and an oil can of water in camp.” Learn more about Laurence Huey in the history section of our website.

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Frank Stephens, first Director of the San Diego Natural History Museum from 1917 to 1921

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A posse, a trail of blood, and a missing curator! Follow Museum Curator Frank Stephens on an ill-fated fossil hunt in 1933 that became front-page news. This article is from Environment Southwest that was published in 1986.

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