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Deinandra fasciculata
Synonym: Hemizonia fasciculata
Fascicled Tarweed



Annual plant to 1 m tall, flowers yellow with five ray flowers and usually six disk flowers that have black anthers.

General Distribution

Southwestern California to central Baja California.


The Fascicled Tarweed used to be recognized in the genus Hemizonia, but recent taxonomic research has split the genus Hemizonia into various segregate genera. In San Diego County, all of the Tarweed/Tarplant species that used to be in Hemizonia are now recognized in the genera: Deinandra and Centromadia. There are six species in the genus Deinandra in San Diego County, of which four are considered to be sensitive species. The most common species in this genus in our area is D. fasciculata and it is especially abundant from late spring to summer.

Close-up of Deinandra fasciculata, photo by Jeannie Gregory

Deinandra fasciculata, photo by Jeannie Gregory

Text by Jon Rebman, Ph.D.; photos by Jeannie Gregory

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