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Ramona Lilac (Ceanothus  tomentosus) Ceanothus tomentosus
Ramona Lilac, Wooly-leaf Mountain Lilac

RHAMNACEAE (Buckthorn Family)


The Ramona Lilac is a perennial plant that grows to a height of 2 to 3 meters and a width of 1-2 meters. The Ramona Lilac flowers are an azure-blue to nearly white color and appear in early spring. The stems are erect and a reddish-brown in color. The Ramona Lilac is an evergreen plant. The Ramona Lilac is also called the Wooly-leaf Mountain Lilac

Range and Habitat

The Ramona Lilac is native to San Diego County and grows in chaparral environments.

Natural History

When rubbed together in a little water, the flowers produce suds. It is believed that the Native Americans of the area may have smoked the leaves in combination with other plants.

Text by Connie Gatlin
Image: California Lilac, Ceanothus tomentosus
from the California Legacy of A. R. Valentien

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