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Wildflowers: Interstate 8
San Diego to Pine Valley along Interstate 8
April 27-May 4, 2000

Botanizing at 70 mph is hardly a good way to identify flowers, but traveling on Interstate-8 between San Diego and Pine Valley, one can't help but notice there's a variety of flowers in bloom. On the transect from sea level to foothills and mountains, development begins to thin and the vegetation changes. Near Alpine, at about 2000 feet above sea level, Mission Manzanita (Xylococcus bicolor) gives way to Manzanita (Arctostaphylos sp.; Lemonadeberry (Rhus integrifolia) to Sugar Bush (Rhus ovata); Coastal Sagebrush (Artemisia californica) to Great Basin Sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata), and Ceanothus verrucosus to Ceanothus greggii ssp. perplexans. and there are more wildflowers.

Jon Rebman, our botany curator, saw White Flowers: Nereium, Sambucus mexicana (common) Eriogonum fasciculatum (common) Baccharis salicifolia Datura wrightii — ??
Calystegia Yucca whipplei Salvia apiana S. mellifera (both lavender, but look white at 70) Gnaphalium Cryptantha, cf. Osteospermum (white comp.) Chrysanthemum Rhus ovata Adenostoma fasciculata Yellow & Orange Flowers: Viguiera laciniata, Helianthus, Sonchus, Fremontodendron, Eschscholzia, Mimulus aurantiacus, Carpobrotus edulis, Cammisonia californica, Encelia californica, E. farinosa, Lotus scoparius, Nicotiana glauca, Eriophyllum confertiflorum, and the yellow & orange annual comp. may be Dimorphotheca, but I need to check at the Musem, Chrysanthemum coronarium, Hirschfeldia incana, Keckiella antirrhinoides, Macfadeyana unguis-cati??, Cuscuta (actually the stems are orange) . Red, purple and pink flowers: Nerium oleander, Erodium spp., Cistus creticus, Carpobrotus chilensis and older flrs. of C. edulis, Raphiolepis, Bougainvillea, Lantana, matted ice plant??, Plumbago (blue flowers), Pelargonium. Grasses Pennisetum setaceum Cynodon dactylon Avena Bromus rubens. Ceanothus greggii ssp. perplexans — Cupleaf Lilac (Alpine and higher)
Ceanothus leucodermis — Chaparral White Thorn, Whitebark Lilac (Flynn Springs and higher)
CIstus ______ — (Not native. Planted near Alpine and east)
Datura wrightii — ??
Dendromecon rigida — Tree Poppy (in full bloom on ramp from Descanso)
Encelia californica — California Encelia (near El Cajon) ????
Eriogonum fasciculatum — California Buckwheat
Eschscholzia californica — California Poppy
Lotus scoparius — Deer Weed (in full bloom from Alpine to Pine Valley)
Marah macrocarpus — Wild Cucumber (sprawling, but not yet blooming)
Mimulus aurantiacus — Monkey Flower -----is this right?
Penstemon spectabilis — (not quite yet)
Romneya coulteri — Matillija Poppy (not blooming yet, but will soon on near Flynn Springs)
Sambucus mexicana — Elderberry
Viguiera laciniata — San Diego Sunflower ????
Yucca whipplei — Our Lord's Candle (blooming since March 15)

Report by Judy Gibson and Dale Clark
Photographs of something and something by Dale Clark