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Wildflowers: Mountains
Lake Cuyamaca
April 16, 2000

Everyone should have a great time seeing the wildflowers on the Lake Cuyamaca Canyoneer hike. Spring flowers were just arriving on April 16 when we did a hike in the area. We visited the Stonewall mine and Stonewall Peak. More should be in bloom for the May 21 hike. We identified the following plants in bloom during our hike:

Photo of Checkerbloom surrounded by Cream Cups, by Dale Clark Amsinckia intermedia — Common Fiddleneck
Clarkia purpurea — Wine Cup Clarkia
Erysimum capitatum — Western Wallflower
Nemophila menziesii — Baby Blue Eyes
Platystemon californicus — Cream Cups
Ranunculus californicus — California Buttercup
Sidalcea malvaeflora — Checker Bloom
Viola pedunculata — Johnny Jump Up

We also saw the following animals:

Horned Lizard
Wild Turkey

The black oak was just beginning to form their spring leaves and many appeared as a very beautiful creamy red in the distance. Many of the oaks also had their catkins in full bloom. It was a very beautiful sight.

Report by Doug Nolff, Canyoneer
Photograph of Sidalcea malvaeflora and Platystemon californicus by Dale Clark