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April Wildflower Report

25 April 1998, Spring Canyon, Otay Mesa—Gladys Baird
A report on the CNPS field trip

Spring Canyon is the City of San Diego's mitigation bank for vernal pools and maritime succulent scrub. The field trip was led by Keith Greer (City planner).

After visiting the mitigation bank, we crossed to the north side of the highway to visit vernal pools Pardee is creating. The project is mitigation for vernal pools that were impacted by their residential development. Scott McMillan, Recon botanist, led us through the steps taken to create the pools.

Ambrosia chenopodiifolia - San Diego burbush
Calochortus splendens - splendid mariposa
Centunculus minima - common chaffweed
Deschampsia danthoides - graceful hairgrass
Dudleya variegata - variegated live-forever
Elatine brachysperma - yerba fango
Eryngium aristulatum - button celery
Euphorbia misera - cliff spurge
Filago depressa - dwarf filago
Lasthenia californica - common goldfields
Linanthus dianthiflorus - ground pink
Marah macrocarpus - wild cucumber
Myosurus minimus var. apus - mouse-tail
Navarretia hamata - skunkweed
Pogogyne abramsii - San Diego mesa-mint
Selaginella cinerascens - ashy spike-moss
Simmondsia chinensis - jojoba
Viguiera laciniata - San Diego sunflower

Contributed by Gladys Baird

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