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Peucetia viridans adult female. Photo copyright Jim Berrian
Adult female

Peucetia viridans
Green Lynx Spider



Female Green Lynx Spiders are large green spiders with a total length measuring 11-22mm, while the males measure 8-15mm. The two sexes are similar in color and pattern. The carapace has red markings; the abdomen has several white and red chevron-shaped markings. The yellow legs have black spots.

Peucetia viridans adult female face. Photo copyright Jim Berrian
Adult female face
Range and Habitat

This species occurs in the southern United States, Mexico, Central America and the West Indies. In San Diego, it is common on the coastal side of the mountains. The Green Lynx Spider is found most commonly on shrubby vegetation in gardens, on wild buckwheat flower clusters, and in meadows of tall wildflowers and grasses.

Natural History

Peucetia usually mature in mid-summer. Mating occurs while hanging from a strand of silk. Females protect the egg sac and young until the spiderlings can tend for themselves. Females have been observed spitting venom from their fangs.

Related and Similar Species

Peucetia longipalpus is a smaller, similar species that is best identified by inspection of the genitalia.


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Text by Jim Berrian. Photos © Jim Berrian.

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