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Adult female Metaltella simoni, copyright Jim Berrian
Adult female

Metaltella simoni



Females have total lengths of 8-9mm. The posterior area of the carapace is brown, darkening towards the eye region. The abdomen is gray to black; sometimes a series of dark chevrons is visible on the top of the abdomen. Males have total lengths of 7-8.5mm, and the coloration is the same as in the females.

Range and Habitat

This species was introduced into the Gulf States and Southern California from Argentina. In San Diego County, it has been found from Escondido to Chula Vista and west to the coast. Metaltella can be found under boards, rocks, and ground debris especially in moist situations.

Natural History

They produce a small tanglefoot, irregular web.

Related and Similar Species

This species was, until recently, placed in the amaurobiid family. It shares many characteristics of that family including a cribellum and calimistrum. When color patterns cannot be used for identification, reference to genitalia is needed.


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Text by Jim Berrian. Photo © Jim Berrian.

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