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Female Hololena curta spider,  Jim Berrian
Adult female

Hololena curta



The total length of female Hololena curate is 10-12mm; males are slightly smaller, measuring 9mm. The color pattern is similar in males and females; the carapace is orange and covered with black and white hairs forming a medial white stripe that is bordered by black stripes. The abdomen has a dark border and medial brown band. Spinnerets are short.

Range and Habitat

This spider occurs in the Pacific States of the U.S. ranging to northern Baja California in Mexico. This is a common species that builds webs on trees, shrubs, fences, and on the ground.

Typical web of Hololena curta spider,  Jim Berrian
Typical web
Natural History

Webs are of the typical funnel-shape for the family, Agelenidae.

Related and Similar Species

There are several similar species of small agelenids in the region. Inspection of the genitalia is necessary to identify these to the correct species.


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Text by Jim Berrian. Photos © Jim Berrian.

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