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Water: H2O=Life

Exhibit closed November 30, 2008

About the Exhibition

In Water: H2O=Life, visitors will:

  • Investigate the extraordinary physical and chemical properties of the H2O molecule and its importance as a climate driver.

  • Explore some of the wettest, driest and iciest places in the world and investigate how life has adapted to these extremes.

  • Analyze how water is used around the world through hands-on activities, life-size models, photographs, and visual displays.

  • Discover the history of the relationship between people and water throughout time.

  • Learn firsthand about the power and importance of water with live animals and walk-through dioramas.

  • Reconsider the way water is viewed—not as a limitless resource to be taken for granted, but as the finite and precious resource it truly is.

  • Look at some of the many innovative technologies being used to give people access to much-needed water supplies.

Water is all around us, affecting the lives of every creature and plant on Earth. In many places on land, one may be close to a lake, river, stream, swamp, or glacier. Water is also in constant motion, carried around the planet by storms, currents, tides and other forces. Every language has a word for water, and this ubiquitous yet precious substance influences art and cultures around the globe.

Water: H2O=Life is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York, and the Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul, in collaboration with San Diego Natural History Museum; Great Lakes Science Center, Cleveland; The Field Museum, Chicago; Instituto Sangari, São Paulo, Brazil; National Museum of Australia, Canberra; Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada; and Science Centre Singapore with PUB Singapore.