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Dallas Breaks, Abe Ordover
Dallas Breaks, © Abe Ordover

Exhibit closed November 9, 2008
at The Ordover Gallery at the San Diego Natural History Museum

Experience works of spectacular color and beauty by fine-art photographer Abe Ordover. Also, witness magnificent fall imagery, ranging from subtle, interpretive works to grand landscapes, by the following Ordover Gallery artists:

  • Brent McCullough
  • Charles Cramer
  • Annaliese Cassarino
  • Alison Shaw
  • William Neill
  • Elizabeth Carmel
  • Lisa Jordan
  • Dick Daniels
  • Bruce Heinemann
  • Christopher Burkett
  • Bill Evarts

Autumn Colors, Elizabeth Carmel 
Autumn Colors,
© Elizabeth Carmel

The Ordover Gallery is included in general Museum admission. All artwork in The Ordover Gallery is for sale; a substantial portion of proceeds will benefit the Museum. The Ordover Gallery’s imagery and artists’ biographies can be viewed at


Aspen, Charles Cramer
Aspen, © Charles Cramer

Abe Ordover will show photographs that range from majestic landscapes awash in brilliant color to abstract works that focus on the movement of line and color. Ordover has created his autumn imagery over several years, from numerous journeys across the United States. Ordover’s Autumn portfolio includes works that are abstract, impressionistic, and traditional.

Ordover has pursued his photographic craft for over 25 years. He practiced law in New York City before becoming a law professor for 20 years. Thereafter, he became a nationally known mediator, mediating approximately 1500 cases. In 2000, Ordover dedicated himself full time to photography. His work has been featured in solo gallery shows in New York City, Atlanta, San Diego, and Palo Alto, California. He’s had major one-man shows at the Parthenon Museum in Nashville and at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta.

Sunrise and Autumn Blueberries
© Christopher Burkett