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Welcome to T. REX ON TRIAL, an interactive exhibit that asks students to report for jury duty as they investigate the evidence, create their own hypothesis, and cast their ballot to determine whether T. rex was a predator or an opportunistic scavenger.

Developed from one of the world's leading collections of carnivorous dinosaur fossils, this exhibition encourages students to explore dinosaur senses, hand and claw dexterity, locomotion, and adaptations for eating meat. The exhibit includes full skeletal casts of Tyrannosaurus rex, Allosaurus, and Deinonychus, as well as several robotic dinosaurs.

This packet includes an exhibition overview, background information about carnivorous dinosaurs, glossary, references, classroom activities, and an exercise to do while visiting the exhibition.

The activities in this packet align with the

California Science Content Standards
• Life Science, grades K-4, 6, 7
• Earth Science, grades 2, 7

California Language Arts Content Standards
• Reading Comprehension, grades K-5
• Listening and Speaking, grades K-4

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