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photo of skull of kangaroo ratNatural Treasures: Past and Present
Scientific Treasures and Research at the Museum

The Museum has over 7.5 million treasures in our research collections. Our specimens date back to the 1870s when the San Diego Society of Natural History was founded. Books in our research library date back as early as 1513. Our research collections are used by scientists on staff and around the world.

Research Departments


Birds and Mammals
Marine Invertebrates
Research Library
Collections Care and Conservation

Research Expeditions and Projects


Natural History Expeditions to Northern Baja California Sur A Botanical Perspective: Why do we go on natural history expeditions? Why do we collect and make scientific specimens? Why are we exploring northern Baja California Sur? What is the next step after collecting?
2003 Expedition to Agua Verde and Punta Mechudo
2000 Expedition to Isla Guadalupe
Lindblad Binational Multidisciplinary Expedition of 1997
San Diego County Bird Atlas Project
Herpetology Research Activities
San Diego Plant Atlas
Paleontology Research Activities

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