A Teacher Guide to REPTILES! San Diego Natural History Museum

Exhibit Themes

The exhibit themes are presented through models, photos, illustrations, text, discovery boxes, and giant robotic reptiles.

What is a Reptile?

  • Members of the Class Reptilia have many features in common. What are they?
  • Who is included in the Class Reptilia? You may be surprised.
  • Some animals appear to have things in common with reptiles. Are they reptiles?

Reptile Evolution<

  • Who were the reptile's ancestors?
  • How are reptiles different from amphibians?
  • Reptiles once ruled the world. Who, when, and why?
  • A few groups of ancient reptiles survive today. Who are they?

Reptiles: Inside and Out

  • Study and compare the anatomy of the surviving reptile groups.
  • Learn how reptiles have adapted to a wide variety of environments.
  • See how reptiles eat and avoid being eaten.

Reptiles and People

  • Reptiles have fascinated people for millennia. Learn how reptile symbolism has been featured in stories from around the world.
  • Reptiles are often misunderstood. Explore myths about their danger to humans.
  • We all can help protect reptiles and their habitat. Suggestions for simple actions are provided.

to background material The goal of this exhibit is to promote knowledge, an appreciation of reptiles and a desire to promote the preservation of these often misunderstood creatures -- the REPTILES!

Teachers Guide | Reptiles! Real and Robotic