A Teacher Guide to REPTILES! San Diego Natural History Museum


The San Diego Natural Museum has designed a guide to help teachers provide students with an educational and enjoyable experience with REPTILES! This online version will be helpful to anyone who wants to know more about reptiles and the exhibit. The complete packet, available to teachers planning to bring their classes to the Museum, includes a lesson plan, classroom activities for before and after the visit to the Museum, and pages appropriate for various grade levels to use while touring the exhibit. On this site, you will find:

Throughout the exhibit and the classroom activities you will discover several themes such as: diversity, interdependence of life, and evolution of life. These themes are consistent with Benchmarks for Science Literacy and National Science Education Standards.

to exhibit themes If you have any questions about this guide, or you want to arrange a visit to the Museum for you class or scout group, please contact the San Diego Natural History Museum Education Department, (619) 232-3821 x 202 or education@sdnhm.org

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