REPTILES! San Diego Natural History Museum

This exhibition closed September 7, 1998.
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Mysterious. Misunderstood. The long, fascinating history of reptiles, and their amazing diversity of forms, inspires us to look closely, to get behind the myths, and discover the reality. "REPTILES Real and Robotic," inhabit the Museum February 21 through September 7, 1998.

Borneo Lizard, photographed by Gail Shumway


is dedicated to the memory of Laurence M. Klauber, a naturalist by avocation, world-renowned in the field of herpetology, foremost authority on rattlesnakes, and esteemed patron of the San Diego Natural History Museum.

Thanks to our friends and supporters who made this exhibition possible.

REPTILES! was designed and developed by the San Diego Natural History Museum.
Robots were conceived and constructed by Kokoro Dinosaurs.

Photo: Bornean Forest Dragon, Gonocephalus doriae doriae - Gail Shumway