REPTILES! San Diego Natural History Museum

This exhibition closed September 7, 1998.

We extend our grateful appreciation to the following friends whose contributions have made possible REPTILES!

Revolving Exhibition Fund

The Thomas C. Ackerman Foundation
The Parker Foundation
The Hollis Foundation
Wells Fargo Bank, trustee for the Maurice J. Masserini Trust
The Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation
In memory of Kathleen Allen Raffee
Caroline H. Krutzsch
Wells Fargo Bank Foundation

Supporters and Sponsors

The San Diego Foundation Whitney Foundation Fund
Thursday Club
Wells Fargo Bank, trustee for the Samuel H. and Katherine Weaver French Fund

In-Kind Donations

Festivities Catering
Magic 95.7 FM
NBC 7/39 TV
Ocean Resources Foundation
Surf 'n Sea Custom Wetsuits
Turtle and Tortoise Society
Zoological Society of San Diego

Special Thanks

Scott Eckert, Ph.D., Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute
Richard Etheridge, Ph.D.
Brad Hollingsworth
Janet Klauber
Philip Klauber
Sandy Marisch
Alice Miller
John Simmons
University of Chicago
Bob Waller and Penny Wing

Reptiles! Real and Robotic