San Diego Natural History Museum--Your Nature Connection

This exhibition closed April 29, 2007.

Exhibition Overview

The San Diego Natural History Museum challenges visitors to slow time down or speed it up to explore the natural world as never before in the new exhibition, Playing with Time, from February 3 through April 29, 2007.

In the time it takes to project one frame of a movie, a hummingbird beats its wings two to eight times. A four-day-old plant is one-trillionth the age of the universe. Light from the Orion nebula has been traveling toward Earth since the fall of the Roman Empire. Obviously, a lot happens too slowly or quickly for humans to see—until now!

Experiment with high-speed photography, time-lapse videos, natural records of change like eroded rocks and lake cores, and other “time-shifting” techniques to discover the changes that take place in the world beyond their perception. Make water stop in mid-air, imitate the “dance” of plants on video, watch volcanoes erupt, and see how our planet has evolved over time.

Playing with Time is a co-production of the Science Museum of Minnesota and Red Hill Studios of Sausalito, California. Major funding for the exhibit was provided by the National Science Foundation.