San Diego Natural History Museum--Your Nature Connection

This exhibition closed April 29, 2007.

Exhibition highlights

Playing with Time encourages visitors to use high-tech tools to slow down or speed up time and examine some of the world’s most amazing natural phenomena. Playing with Time features dozen of hands-on activities, including

Painting with Time—Use virtual brushes to paint different parts of a forest scene. Control of the seasons is in your hands—you can paint a landscape under a blanket of winter snow or wearing the rich hues of autumn. 
Which Took Longer?—Test your knowledge of the sequence of natural events! Compare changes that occur in the natural world and try to guess which transformation happens the fastest and which happens the slowest.
Plant Dance—When filmed with time-lapse cameras, plants appear to “dance” as they change and grow. Try out blue-screen technology by donning a cloak of leaves and becoming a partner in this transformation dance! see video (opens in new window)
Water Drops—Though the naked eye doesn’t detect it, a stream of water from your kitchen faucet is actually a series of separate drops. This component allows you to manipulate a strobe light to “freeze” the drops in midair, slow them to a snail’s pace, or even make them appear to drop upwards!
Popcorn Popper—Here, you’ll pop your own popcorn and record the super-fast event with a high-speed camera. Then play it back in slow motion to see how a tiny, hard kernel transforms into a fluffy white cloud. see video (opens in new window)