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Best of Nature Photography Show 2011 at the San Diego Natural History Museum

Best of Nature Photography Show
January 9, 2012 – May 13, 2012

The Ordover Gallery at the San Diego Natural History Museum would like to thank everybody who submitted their work to the jurying process for the Best of Nature Photography Show. Two hundred photographers submitted just less than a thousand images. Judging was very difficult as there were so many extraordinary entries, yet only space to hang 72 photographs.

We would like to congratulate the following photographers whose work has been juried into the Best of Nature Photography Show 2012. (Listed by last name, then first name, then image ID.)

The prize-winning images will be chosen when the show is hung. The winners will be announced at the opening reception on Saturday, January 21, 11 AM–2 PM in the fourth floor gallery at the Museum. The show will be on view January 9, 2012 – May 13, 2012. A curating letter will be sent soon via e-mail to the selected photographers.

Last Name First Name Images Selected
Abulafia Lewis #3, Rhinos, #7 Leopard with Kill
Baer Monica #2 Primate smile, #3 Gorilla pair
Barr Daniel #1 Boulder with Starry Sky
Barton Carrie #8 Badlands
Boches Joel #2 Two Frogs
Brock Beverly #2 Two Beetles
Browne Meredith #3 Anhinga and Turtle
Chin Kathy #2 Egret in Flight
Corte Ernesto #7 Two Bison
Dolde Doug #3 Aspen Stand
Dozier Doug #5 Painted Bee
Drawbridge Mark #6 Raccoon Swimming
Eilenberg Steve Anemone fish in Anemone
Elmore Vern #1 Wet Chick, #8 Frog
Fallows Chris #1 Marlin, #2 Crocodile, #3 Dolphin Dinner
Ford John #5 Dune
Fritsch Charles #3 Egret Family
Furber Julie #3 Calf Creek Trees
Gilchrist Jason #2 Cradled Otter
Hightree Glenn #3 Yosemite Valley in Snow
Hjelle Linda #1 Woodpeckers
Iannuzzi Guy #1 Insect in Amber
Jiang Hao #8 Two Rocks in Misty Water
Johnson John Connolly #5 Surf and Sky
Kolden Kitty Poetry in Motion
Langerman Steven Huddled Mushrooms
Lawson William #2 Pocket Stones in Surf
Lusby Ed #4 Bryce, #6 Great Blue Heron
Marciariello James #7 Badwater Blues
Minshell Doug #9 Turtle Emerging
Mitchum Jeff #3 Three Brothers, #4 The Man
Mercieca Anthony #1 Owl Leaving the Nest
Montrose Louis #3 Western Hunan Landscape
O’Riley Christine #1 Eagle Strike, #2 Snow Owl, #3 Egret Reflection
Otsubo Lee #10 Alabama Hills at Night
Parks Bob #7 Antlion
Radjainia Mazdak #1 Whale and Calf
Roudebush Janice #1 Wickflow Falls
Royal Monica #4 Dew Drop, #6 Ice Dawn
Shane Mike Tiger
Short Rex #5 Sand Fall
Short Virginia @1 Two Cranes, #7 Springing Gazelle
Slaybough Ryan #3 Canyon trail in Snow
Smith Leif #1 Angry Waves
Sokol Phil #8 Spiked Fish
Stuart Eva #1 Ape Reclining, #3 Elephant Nursing
Suckichi Irene #1 Ten Horses
Tartar Marie #2 Shrimp, #4 Peek-a-boo Fish
Vogt Sally Reis #2 Wet Petals
Walpole Cynthia #2 Hummer in Profile, #3 Audubon Hummer
Whitbeck Priscilla #1 Bee in Flight
Wright Brian #1 Patriarch and Milky Way
Zaslove Mara #3 Aerial Snowmelt
Zelasko Sandy #2 Ram in a Bind, #5 Raccoon in Tree, #8 Bear in Water,
#10 Fox on the Snow
Zuercher Gary #2 Two Boulders


Amateur as well as professional photographers were invited to submit nature-based photography to the jurying process.

  Complete Details
- Dates to Remember
- Instructions for Photographers
- Jurors/Awards
- Sales/Advertising/Publicity

Complete Entry Details

Dates to Remember
  • Notification of acceptance: Beginning November 21, 2011

  • Opening reception for the show: Saturday, January 21, 2012; 11 AM–2 PM

  • Show dates: January 9–May, 2012
  • First Round: San Diego Natural History Museum
  • Final Round: Abe Ordover, owner of The Ordover Gallery
  • Prizes:

    • Grand Prize: $1000
    • First Place: $500
    • Second Place: $250
    • Third Place: $150
    • Six Honorable Mentions: $100 each
    • People's Choice Award: $100
Instructions for Photographers
  • The Best of Nature show will include approximately 70 images. The selection of images for the show will be done through a jury process.
  • For accepted works, the San Diego Natural History Museum will take responsibility for the artwork while it is in the Museum gallery. The photographer is responsible for the artwork during shipping to and from the Museum.
  • Submission and payment are due by November 9, 2011. Digital submissions and payment only.
  • No refunds and no exchanges. The selection of the judges is final.
  • lf your work is selected for the show, all images must be black framed and white matted.
  • Please use only one email address for all correspondence regarding the juried show, preferably an email address with your name in it.
  • All artwork in juried show will be for sale.
  • The photographers will set the price for their work; 50% of each sale goes to the artist.
  • A portion of sales will benefit the Museum.
  • The show will be promoted through press releases distributed by the San Diego Natural History Museum to local and national media. Award-winning images will be highlighted in the promotions for the show. Submission to the show grants permission for your images to be used to promote and advertise the Best of Nature show by The Ordover Gallery and the San Diego Natural History Museum.


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