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Monarca Overview

Monarch photo by Bob Parks

The Monarch is truly a "butterfly beyond boundaries," and its annual migration is monumental. Every summer the Monarch renews its amazing life cycle in the milkweed meadows of southern Canada and the northern United States, and every autumn it flies thousands of miles to overwinter in small endangered enclaves in central Mexico and along the coast of California.

Through interactive exhibits and multimedia presentations, the exhibition explores the following themes:

Magical Metamorphosis
Track the stages of this butterfly's metamorphosis in a walk-through display of live Monarchs in all stages of their life cycle.

Monumental Migration
Discover the amazing journey these butterflies make—a feat that sets them apart from all other insects.

Endangered Enclaves
Learn about the threats to Monarch survival and what is being done to protect butterflies and their habitats.

Strategies for Survival
Explore the Monarch's requirements for survival.

Local Focus
Here you will discover the diversity of San Diego County's habitats and some of the butterflies associated with each habitat. Local overwintering sites of the Monarch are described as well as some of the conservation efforts to protect them. You will also find a list of unanswered questions related to the Monarch butterfly.

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