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Each of the following questions can be answered by exploring Monarca: Butterfly Beyond Boundaries.

Magical Metamorphosis

1. What does metamorphosis mean? __________________________________________

2. What are the four stages in butterfly metamorphosis? ______________, ______________,

    ______________ and ______________.

3.  Describe each stage in a Monarch's metamorphosis (color, size, shape).

    a. ___________  ______________________________________________________

    b. ___________  ______________________________________________________

    c. ___________  ______________________________________________________

    d. ___________  ______________________________________________________

Monumental Migration

1. In the fall, Monarchs living east of the Rocky Mountains usually migrate to ______________

    while those Monarchs living west of the Rockies usually migrate to _________________.

2. What did Dr. Fred Urquhart use to track the migration of the Monarchs? ______________

3. How do Monarchs find their overwintering grounds—places they have never been before?


Endangered Enclaves

1. In the summer, adult Monarchs need ____________ to feed on and _______________

    leaves to lay eggs on. In the winter, they need _________________ to roost or hang on.

Strategies for Survival  

1. What climatic conditions are best for the Monarchs' overwintering site?


2. How does milkweed help protect the Monarchs? ______________________________________

3. Are all milkweeds the same? If not, how do they differ? ____________________________________

Local Focus

1. Name a common butterfly found in San Diego County. Describe its habitat.


2. What kind of project could you and your classmates participate in to help the Monarchs?


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