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Cut out the pictures of the egg, larva, pupa, and adult.
Paste them into a cycle pattern to show the butterfly's life cycle.

Metamorphosis illustration of  monarch pupa

Metamorphosis illustration of monarch egg on leaf

Metamorphosis illustration of adult monarch Metamorphosis illustration of monarch larva on leaf

Other Metamorphosis Activities
  • Act out the stages of butterfly metamorphosis. Egg-curl into a ball; larva-wriggle along the floor; pupa-hang motionless on a "branch"; adult-flutter around waving arms.
  • Create a life-cycle diagram using various pieces of uncooked pasta (shells, spirals, bow ties). Rice or other small grains work well for the egg.
  • Create detailed colored drawings of the Monarch's life cycle.
  • Raise Monarchs in the classroom. Keep daily records, noting the amount of food eaten, size changes, time required for each developmental stage. See resource list for sources of butterflies and related materials.
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