SDNHM Monarca: Butterfly Beyond Boundaries

This exhibition closed January 6, 2002.


Monarca: Butterfly Beyond Boundaries
is presented by

The San Diego Foundation Reuben H. Fleet Fund
at the recommendation of The Reuben H. Fleet Fund Advisors

American Express Company
District 3 County Supervisor Pam Slater
The Heller Foundation of San Diego
Tiffany & Co.

Materials and construction of the framework for the Butterfly House
were generously donated by
Conley Greenhouse Manufacturing & Sales

Additional support from
Walter Andersen Nursery
Charlotte and Jeffrey Chandler
Green Thumb Nursery
The Monarch Program
Joan H. Parker
The Arthur P. and Jeanette G. Pratt Memorial Fund
Pardee Tree Nursery
Tree of Life Nursery for California native plants
Waters Fine Catering

With special thanks to
Mission Federal Credit Union
Allergy and Rheumatology Medical Clinic; Calavo Growers of California; Paul Ecke Family;
GKN Aerospace Chem-Tronics, Inc.; The McGraw-Hill Companies; Metabolife; Qualcomm, Inc.;
Union Bank; Viejas Tribal Council; Waters Fine Catering; and
Ann and Phil White for enabling schools with limited financial resources to visit the exhibit.


For assistance in exhibit development and related programming,
the Museum thanks

Christian Manion, Guest Curator

and the

Monarca Advisory Board

Dierdre Ballou
Bill Howell
Paige Howorth
David Marriott
Emily Steele
Bill Toone

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