SDNHM Monarca: Butterfly Beyond Boundaries

This exhibition closed January 6, 2002.

Guest Curator

As guest curator, Christian Manion serves as a Museum advisor for Monarca: Butterfly Beyond Boundaries. He acts as a consultant to the exhibit staff for the portion of the exhibit featuring Monarch butterflies in the San Diego-Baja California region, helped develop the Monarca Film and Lecture Series and will serve as a guest lecturer. As he was involved in operating Monarch Program's 1200 square foot vivarium, featuring live butterflies and all stages of the butterfly lifecycle, Manion advises the exhibits department on the construction of the Butterfly House and butterfly husbandry to assure the prosperity of the Museum's gossamer-winged guests.

Manion is active in the study of butterflies in the Southwest, with a specialization on the Monarch (Danaus plexippus). As president of Monarch Program, he has arranged and participated in many of the endeavors sponsored by the non-profit education and research organization, including coordinating the tagging of Monarchs west of the Rocky Mountains and conducting extensive surveys of overwintering sites and summer breeding areas. Manion edits and contributes to Monarch Program's The Monarch Quarterly and The Monarch Monitor, two publications that report on trends in the Monarch's lifecycle and migratory behavior. Currently he pursues a Masters Degree in Ecology at San Diego State University.

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