SDNHM Monarca: Butterfly Beyond Boundaries

Threats to the Monarch Population

Learning from the Monarch Program
The Monarch Program is a nonprofit education and research organization based in San Diego County. The Monarch Program conducts annual Thanksgiving Day counts of Monarchs at overwintering sites all along the California coast. In addition, Monarch Program volunteers tag butterflies, record data, and interpret the results to learn more about Monarch migration. The group also operates a butterfly vivarium in Encinitas, north San Diego County, where visitors can see and learn about butterflies, their life cycles, and amazing survival strategies. The Monarch Program provided the butterflies and consultation for the live butterfly house during the Monarca exhibition.

San Diego Zoo
The San Diego Zoo promotes ecotourism in the Monarch forests of central Mexico. Cut trees to heat your home and feed your children or save some butterflies? This is a tough choice facing the people who live near the Oyamel Fir forests of Michoacan in central Mexico. Ecotourism may be an alternative that provides income to locals while preserving the forests where the Monarchs of eastern and central North America spend the winter. Staff from the San Diego Zoo teaches local farmers and ranchers to act as nature guides to tourists. The Zoo also imports and sells baskets made from the needles of the fir trees where Monarchs overwinter. These baskets are also for sale in our Museum Store.

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