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Dinosaurs and Interdisciplinary Activities
Dinosaur Root Word Meanings

Content Area: Language Arts
Standards: Word Analysis, grades 1-8
Directions: Make flash cards with dinosaur root words. Many of these roots are found in English words. Choose some of these root words and identify at least one corresponding English word. Try the same activity using Spanish words.

odon = tooth
ortho = straight
orthodontist = dentist who straightens teeth

Common Dinosaur Root Words and Meanings

allo- AL-uhother
anato- ah-NAT-uh duck
ankylo- an-KY-luh curved
apato- ah-PAT-uh deceptive
baro- BAR-uh heavy
brachio- BRAK-ee-uh arm
cephalo- SEF-uh-luh head
cerato- sair-AT-oh horned
cetio- SEE-tee-uh whale
coelo- SEE-luh hollow
coryth- ko-RITH helmet
dino- DIE-nuh terrible
diplo- DIP-luh double
-gnathus NAY-thus jaw
hadro- HAD-ruh bulky
hetero- HEH-ter-uh different
mega- MEG-uh great
-odon o-DON tooth
-onychus ON-i-kus claw
-ops ops face
ornitho- or-NITH-uh bird
ovi- OH-vih egg
pachy- PAK-ee thick
platy- PLAY-tee flat
-pod pod foot
proto- PRO-tuh first
pter- tair wing
raptor RAP-ter thief
saur (us) sawr lizard
stego- STEG-uh roof/plate
struthio- strooth-EE-uh ostrich
thero- THAIR-uh beast

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