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Welcome to The Dinosaurs ofJurassic Park: The Lost World.

These materials have been designed to provide an educational and enjoyable experience for your students. This guide includes: background information, vocabulary, grade-leveled student materials for pre-visit, Museum visit and post-visit activities, plus answer sheets and references.

All of the grade-level components have been included allowing you to choose what is most appropriate for your students.

References to California Science Content Standards are included where appropriate.

If you should have questions related to this guide please call the Museum Education Department at (619) 232-3821 ext. 202 or email cradford@sdnhm.org.

I run deep inside my nightmare,
zig-zagging through the dark forest,
terrified, gasping.
My body rolls with the thunder clap
each time eight tons of muscle and bone
slaps the earth.
Closing in at 40 miles per hour,
her fetid breath engulfs my senses,
as dripping jaws swing down...

I jump, startled, hot, awake.
Then I laugh, remembering that today
I will visit the Natural History Museum, and
see T. rex outside myself.
Skeleton and bone,
I will lean over and breathe on her.

—Pat Flanagan

The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park: The Lost World was produced by Dinosaur Exhibitions, LLC, under the direction of "Dino" Don Lessem, and in partnership with Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment. The exhibition was designed by Museum Design Associates. Jurassic Park and Lost World are trademarks of Universal City Studios and Amblin Entertainment.

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