San Diego Natural History Museum--Your Nature Connection
California's Native Grandeur

This exhibition closed January 5, 2003

was supported by

The Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation
District 3 County Supervisor Pam Slater
The Parker Foundation
The Rice Family Foundation
Members of the San Diego Natural History Museum

Schools with limited financial resources will be able to visit
through the support of

Jerome's Furniture
Mission Federal Credit Union


Allergy and Rheumatology Medical Clinic • Walter Andersen Nursery
John Benson and Jane Belt Benson Fund • Cohn Restaurant Group • Charles and Alberta Feurzeig Fund
GKN Aerospace Chem-Tronics, Inc. • John J. and Alice B. Hayes Fund • The McGraw-Hill Companies
Metabolife • Nokia • Qualcomm, Inc. • Silicon Space • WD-40 Company • The Willis Allen Company

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