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[FORE! The Planet: A Putt to Learn Adventure]

February 1- May 4, 2003

This exhibition closed May 4, 2003

[One of the holes in FORE! The Planet]Visitors can save an endangered animal, navigate a polluted waterway, and follow the path of a migrating hawk—all while playing miniature golf in the latest exhibition, FORE! The Planet: A Putt-to-Learn Adventure. The exhibit is also accessible to the disabled.

FORE! The Planet features 18 holes of indoor golf in which players test their putting skills and environmental know-how while gaining a better understanding of the world in which they live. Each hole uses playful components and colorful graphics to explore themes such as dinosaur extinction, bat sonar, pollution, and recycling in a way that's fun and humorous for children as well as adults. In the first half of the course, the "front nine," holes demonstrate how nature works, and the "back nine" represent people's interaction with the environment. Visitors make choices based on which path they choose to putt the ball.

[Hole #10 in FORE! The Planet]Besides being an entertaining and engaging experience, FORE! The Planet was designed to convey the more serious messages of environmental stewardship and conservation. FORE! The Planet is 18 holes of informative fun!

Note: Golf club rental fee is $1.00 per player.

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