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Pterorhynchus in flight, illustrationFeathered Dinosaurs and the Origin of Flight
Edited by Slyvia J. Czerkas

Rise of the Dragon: Readings from Nature on the Chinese Fossil Record
by Henry Gee

Feathered Dinosaurs
by Christopher Sloan
Ages 9-12

Extreme Dinosaurs
by Luis V. Rey
Ages 9-12


Natural History Museum of London—Dino Birds, the Feathered Dinosaurs of China exhibition

Nature—Fossil boosts trees-down start for flight

Natural History Museum, University of Kansas—The Evolutionary Origin and Diversification of Feathers, by Richard O. Prum

National Geographic—Fossils from China Link Birds with Dinosaurs
"Feathered" Fossil Bolsters Changing Image of Dinosaurs
Four-Winged Dinosaurs Found in China, Experts Announce

Dann's Dinosaurs—Feathered Dinosaurs

Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale University—China's Feathered Dinosaurs exhibit

BBC News—The Feathered Dinosaurs of Liaoning

Carnegie Museum—Feathered Dinosaurs exhibition

Dino Discussion—The dino-bird link

CNN—Feathery fossil ruffles dinosaur debate

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