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Animal Eyes Museum Visit Worksheet

Different Kinds of Eyes
1. What kind of eyes does a fly have? _____________________

2. The separate identical units of a fly's eye are called _______________.

3. Does a fly see one picture or many separate pictures? _____________

Night Eyes
4. Animals that see well at night have eyes that collect a lot of light. Name some characteristics of these eyes. _________________________________

5. What is a tapetum? ________________________

Seeing in Color
6. What are the color-sensitive cells in your eyes called? __________________

7. How many types of these cells do humans have?_________________

8. How many types of these cells does a dog have? __________________

Different Places on Different Faces
9. 3-D vision
   Some animals have eyes close together on the front of their face.
   This type of vision works well for   (circle one)     predators     prey animals.

10. Side vision
   Some animals have eyes far apart on the sides of their face.
   This type of vision works well for   (circle one)      predators     prey animals.

11. Another term for 3D vision is __________________ or _________________ vision.

3 Eyes, 5 Eyes, 8 Eyes, More
12. How many eyes do most spiders have? _____________________

13. Are eyes always on an animal's head? _____________________

14. What has 100 eyes and lives on the bottom of the ocean?________________
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